Ellis Fiori:

I am currently a junior at Emerson College and find myself a documentary production major at the moment. Previously being from the Writing, Literature, Publishing tribe. I was banished due to my refusal to submit to grammar I also have been known to blog over at EllisD’s American Odyssey. Historically and Presently, I play D&d, WoW, Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, Warhammer, and haunting various places of cyber mischief. Yet despite this I bow to many others on their grasp of nerd culture. I am but a simple humble producer on a quest to discover the question so that 42 may be understood by all….

Kelly Tuke:

I am graduating from Emerson College in May with a degree in Political Communication. You may also see me perform stand up comedy from time to time, though this is highly unlikely. More often I am burning couscous, gobbling doomsday possibilities, trying to figure out what’s goin’ on with this new technology stuff. I recently revisited the land of Myspace. Seriously.

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