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The following texts are organized by episode which is designated by topic. There is no definitive schedule, as we plan our discussions based on the experts we are able to interview that week.

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Technology & Culture: February 21, 2010 ( available for podcast soon!)
• The 2000’s: Everyday America, Bob Batchelor, Pop Culture Universe (Found in Emerson Library Database)
• Introduction: Sex, Death and Machinery, or How I fell in Love with my Prothesis, The War of Desire and Technology, Allocquere Rosanne Stone, 1998 p1-31(PRINT)
• The New Luddites, Mark J. Penn & E. Kinney Zalesne, Microtrends, p 257-261 [Print]

Avatars _____NEXT!- February 28, 2010- 6pm. on ETIN RADIO…maybe….
• Virtual Identity, Sherry Turkle
• Ghost in the Shell [VIDEO]
• Simulacra and Simulation by Jean Baudrillard
• The Gulf War Did Not Take Place, Jean Baurillard (1995)
• Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks, Ethan Gilsdorf, Sept. 2009 [print]

REMIX Culture

Public Space
• Audiovisual Culture and Interdisciplinary Knowledge by David Norman Rodowick.
• Understanding Media, Marshal McLuhan (1954)
• Problems of Dostoevsky’s Poetics by Mikhail Bakhtin
• Panopticism, Michel Foucault

Facebook/Myspace (Web 2.0)
• Social Geeks, Mark J. Penn & E. Kinney Zalesne, Microtrends, p 253-256 [Print]
5 Easy Steps to Stay Safe (And Private!) on Facebook, New York Times, Sarah Perez Sept. 16, 2009
• Agency and Proximity: Comunities/CommuniTrees, The War of Desire and Technology, Allocquere Rosanne Stone, 1998 p99-121
• Driving to the Panopticon, Jeffery H. Reiman (1995)\, Todays Moral Issues, 317

Technology and Generation Y
• Media Grammars, Generations, and Media Gaps, Gary Gumpert and Robert Cathcart (1985).
Generation Y: They’ve Arrived at Work with a New Attitude, Stephanie Armour, USA Today, Nov. 6 2005.
• Generation Y Plays Games on the Job, Barbara Rose, Chicago Tribune, May 20, 2007


• Interactive Cosmopolitanism and Collaborative Technologies: New Foundations for Global Literary History by Amy J. Elias

Sex/Love & Technology
• Internet Married. Mark J. Penn & E. Kinney Zalesne, Microtrends, p 253-256

• XXX Men. Mark J. Penn & E. Kinney Zalesne, Microtrends, p 253-256

• Virtually: The Refreshment of Interface Value by Robert Payne [PRINT]

• The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction Walter Benjamin (1936)
Google (Cloud Computing)
• Ken Auletta, Annals of Communications, “Searching for Trouble,” The New Yorker, October 12, 2009, p. 46

• Is Google Making us Stupid? Nicholas Carr, The Atlantic, July/August 2008 [PDF]

Virtual Identity

• Virtual Limbs and Body Space: Critical Features for the Distinction Between Body Space and Near Body Space, Fay Short and Robert Ward. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 2009

• Risking Themselves: Identity in Oshkosh, The War of Desire and Technology, Allocquere Rosanne Stone, p45-64,1998

Virtual Therapy, Psychology Today, Nov. 1994

Digital Surveillance
• Truth & Power, Discipline & Punishment, Chap. 3 Michel Foucault

• Bigger Monster, Weaker Chains, Jay Stanley & Barry Steinhart

• Surveillance Sites: Digital Media and the Dual Society in Keith Piper’s Relocating the Remains by Dawson, Ashley

• V for Vendetta, Alan Moore

• Citing Privacy Warnings, Senate Seeks Legal Justifications for Gov’t Cyber Security Plan, July 24, 2009, Kim Zetter, Wired

The Decade’s 10 Most Dastardly CyberCrimes, Kevin Poulsen, Dec. 31, 2009, Wired

• Hacking Away at the Counterculture by Ross, Andrew
• Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson
• The Boy Who Heard Too Much by David Kushner (Rolling Stone).

The Internet and Consumption
• Foucault, Michel. “Truth and Power.” The Foucault Reader.
• Kant, Immanuel. “Metaphysics of Morals” Today’s Moral Issues. 32-37.
• Tech Fatales, Mark J. Penn & E. Kinney Zalesne, Microtrends, p 261-264 [Print]
• Privacy, Data Collection, and Consumers Rights, Federal Trade Commission
• Kenneth C. Laudon. ‘Markets and privacy.’ Communications of the ACM Sep 1996

Self- Censorship as a prevention of individuality

• Fahrenheit 451- Ray Bradbury
• Brave New World-Alfred Huxley
• Tyranny of majority – DeToqueville, Nozick
• The Democratic Distemper, Huntington

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