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I saw Julie and Julia and I’m starting a Blog!

Well, no actually, I didn’t see the movie. I read some spoilers and reviews. I don’t particularly wish to see this movie. Please feel free to convince me, as David Weinberger said in our interview earlier today…we all disagree. But there is no doubt Julie and Julia has created a big splash in the blog-o-sphere.

The Winner of the Julie and Julia Competition is…Well, blimey. Who knew that the chance to win Julie & Julia and a cookbook would turn out to be the most popular competition and most commented on entry in the entire blog’s history? That’s amazing The Medium is Not Enough Blog

The blog craze is hitting America! Watch out!…Wait…I thought that already happened…or did it? Julie and Julia is the first feature file to feature blogging. Suddenly, blogs are popping up everywhere, inspired by the story.

Could this be a step towards more citizens understanding the meaning and power of the blogosphere? Dr. Weinberger said that the internet is a more democratic model than the previous mass media model. So I say go for it! Go for it everyone! Remember that the internet is an economy in and of itself, where one has complete freedom and accessibility to create and distribute any product they please. Like any other marketplace, it rewards hard work and dedication. The ease of attaining and designing your website is a small step, like creating a bank account. It is up to you to keep increasing your funds, advantages, resources.

Anyways, more thoughts on blogging to come. Tis’ the tech on my mind at the moment. Quite refreshing in comparison to 1984 reality fears.

Watch the Julie and Julia Trailer! [Filmofilia.com]


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