Charlie is coming to your cellphone

The new cool thing apparently is to use your cell phone as a the boarding pass. I think this is pretty cool. I’m sure everyone has experienced the horror of trying to print out the board pass and something goes wrong with the printer. Plus it saves trees. 2 birds with 1 stone as the kids say.


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Bank of America Impersonator?

The downside of virtual identity.
Just a moment ago I attempted to pay some bills online. As I logged out of the site, I received a terrifying notification from Firefox. This site is not trusted, and may be an “impersonator” of Bank of America. Are you kidding? Not okay. The alert may simply be a security measure, to remind me to double check. Still though, I think now would be a great time to get my FREE ID SCORE courtesy of
Identity theft is happening everyday. We should all take it upon our selves to check our score and make sure we are not victims of identity theft. Scary I know, but I’m gonna give it a shot. Stay tuned for my results!

Learn more about Identity Protection

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Twitter: A Rebel without a Cause?

My new issue of Mother Jones came in a few days ago and it has a really interesting article about two protesters, who are being persecuted for using twitter as a communication device during the G-20 protests this summer.

The pair were a communications team listening to a scanner outside the city then relaying information to the field through hashtags.

This reminded me of the debate going on now about activism in the digital age.

With Twitter, it seems there is finally an application for real life use beyond just raising awareness.

I think that’s pretty cool.

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Wreck and Salvage Interview up

Head over to the interview section to check out the latest addition with the awesome crew over at Wreck and Salvage

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83 year old Charlie Abelson Sees Pornos with His Urologist!

Charlie is a stand up comedian who has been doing open mics a few years now. Finally Charlie has made it to a comedy competition in New York, but he faces an unlikely obstacle…the social network.

Recently, comedy competitions have relied increasingly on online voting to judge participants. Events such as Rooftop Comedy require comedians to get a # of votes online, tapping into social networking sites and directing fans/supporters to the competition website. This has led to a trend amongst young comedians to create extensive networks on sites such as Facebook, which are then readily available for precisely this situation. Unfortunately for Charlie, he doesn’t even have a Facebook!

“It’s a conspiracy!” Charlie exclaimed, puzzled by how to utilize these online tools so he can stand a chance in the upcoming competition. Dan Perrault, an experienced Facebook-networking-comedian, gave him a helping hand, and created a Facebook group to help him generate votes: Old Man Needs Your Votes To Survive: (In a Comedy Competition) If you are interested in helping his cause, please join and invite friends! Lets welcome Charlie to the social network!

Hopefully, Charlie can overcome this virtual obstacle. But we need to help him. Check out this video of his stand up & VOTE!





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ETIN Phone System: FAIL

Stupid Stupid Phones. Oh I’m sorry ETIN, I meant, Bob Batchelor’s phone service, author of an article we discussed this evening. (Our apologies to Mr. Batchelor, we hope he will join us in conversation at a later date). Tonight we did indeed experience some tech difficulties.  We were immersed in a tech device we did not understand.

Other things I don’t understand:

Why can’t anyone work anyone elses phone? Try and make a call on someone else’s phone. Inner monologue: (grrr…how does this button work….wheres that send….why arent there numbers? Is this a keyboard…? Damnit I cant work this thing!)

Why cant all cellphones have the same charger? (… I hear their coming out with something like that soon).

Why is it so easy to buy a domain but so hard to link it to the site you made?

Why cant I just have a landline?
Okay fine ETIN its not your fault. I blame….us for not understanding technology better. We felt pretty stupid. Especially me, because I’m always forgetting to push “on”.

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Ellis on the First Show

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