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83 year old Charlie Abelson Sees Pornos with His Urologist!

Charlie is a stand up comedian who has been doing open mics a few years now. Finally Charlie has made it to a comedy competition in New York, but he faces an unlikely obstacle…the social network.

Recently, comedy competitions have relied increasingly on online voting to judge participants. Events such as Rooftop Comedy require comedians to get a # of votes online, tapping into social networking sites and directing fans/supporters to the competition website. This has led to a trend amongst young comedians to create extensive networks on sites such as Facebook, which are then readily available for precisely this situation. Unfortunately for Charlie, he doesn’t even have a Facebook!

“It’s a conspiracy!” Charlie exclaimed, puzzled by how to utilize these online tools so he can stand a chance in the upcoming competition. Dan Perrault, an experienced Facebook-networking-comedian, gave him a helping hand, and created a Facebook group to help him generate votes: Old Man Needs Your Votes To Survive: (In a Comedy Competition) If you are interested in helping his cause, please join and invite friends! Lets welcome Charlie to the social network!

Hopefully, Charlie can overcome this virtual obstacle. But we need to help him. Check out this video of his stand up & VOTE!






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Geek Media

Watched the Guild tonight…

And it sums up my opinion of Geek entertainment. Mediocre. That is besides Pure Pwnage, which invented more or less the genre of successful gaming in other media.

My issues with the genre stem from the reliance on gamers being entertainment from name dropping. I get the jargon and the fact most other people probably have no clue what the hell is being said. Yet, the stakes are rarely high enough for me to care abut the characters. Not to mention poor acting and overuse of stereotypes in leading roles. Yes, we all think gamers are anti-social, I get it, but rarely do we get the reason why. Some people can only express themselves over the internet. I feel the genre has a lot of potential and a market shown by 10 million player in WoW alone. But producers need to respect us as intellectual viewers, who enjoy a good story as much as being recognized as human beings…

That being said Felicia Day is quite talented and I think the guild has alot of potential especially in the finale of season 2 (yes season 3 is out on dvd but isn’t instawatch on netflixs). Why is it so hard for a sitcom about gamers to be more than just gamers talking in 1337 speak?

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Just saw this up on Digg

So we all know that apple is slowing working on selling you the ability to breathe and this discussion of “sleep tech”. I find ridiculous.

I will admit I do have my music on all night and used to wear headphones back in highschool/ freshmen year (to keep the noise level down). Not going to lie, probably is half the reason my hearing went to shit. secondly the article is right, you can choke yourself a little and that would be awkward to explain.

My support of music began as I had trouble clearing my mind and would spent 3 or 4 hours panicking on a nightly basis. Music gave me something to focus on and enter the “zone”. Also its nice to wake up and just relax enjoying the soothing sounds of Fleet Foxes…

The article fails to mention using a plain old computer as the best method. The screen turns off and can be conveniently set to sleep and wake up at various times.

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Are you a New Luddite?


*Results of the survey to be discussed live on our show! Stay tuned!

Do you take a conscious stance against new technologies?
• Do you fear invasion of privacy on the Internet?
• Are you a pessimistic cynical loner?
• Do you reject new technology because you want to have control?
• Are you more stressed because of the Internet?
• Do you often find yourself resenting instant communication for creating more communication?
• Do you think the Internet is nothing more than a marketing tool?
• Have you ever “quit” the Internet?
• Do you identify with the following statement:
• “These are America’s Great Unrushed, and they are looking for low tech ways to spend their time and money” (260).
• Are you asking yourself WTF is a New Luddite?

If you answered yes to four or more of the above statements, you may be a New Luddite, according to Mark J. Penn & E. Kinney Zalesne in their book: Microtrends: The Small Forces Behind Tomorrows Big Changes. In their description of these “tech-no”s, Penn & Zalesne cite 70 million persons belonging to this group, of which 13% experienced the internet and quit. These persons are young urban and employed (Pew Research Poll 2007*).

If you haven’t done so already, please take the poll! Stay tuned for results and our discussion of “The New Luddites” along with the first Luddite movement. (Hint: Guys smashing up factories at the cusp of the Industrial Revolution). Call in with your thoughts to Tech4Talk on ETIN Live: ____.

* Microtrends has tons of great topics, from Internet married, to soccer moms, and WoW players. Check out more Microtrends at the website: Be sure to email us if you want to discuss any of the topics you find intriguing.

More Info:

Le Monde: (1997) Americas New Luddites

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