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A Man of Faith

I’ve been at my parent’s house, my home for the past few days and tomorrow I must return to the city.

I feel this experience has been more or less an awakening as to my “official” stance on technology, but don’t hold me accountable for it.

For you see as I see it there are two ways to look at anything as: a man of science or a man of faith. And yes, I got this philosophy from “Lost”. On the show, the character John Locke posed this question to Jack Shepherd, who couldn’t understand the world around him.

A man of faith accepts and works with his current environment to find a path. While a man of science questions and probes for methods to conquer the environment. Neither is right nor wrong, but simply two ways to be.

Which leads me to the point of why I have labeled myself as a man of faith. I am a digital native, but also a rural man. I’ve been posing as a urban man for quite sometime, but the urban environment is for men of science. It has been optimized for getting the most in the least, but I like to take my time. Even if it means I need to wait longer for the end product. I’m a fan of the journey.

Which leads me to technology. I may be rural, but when I was born my family had a broadband connection. I’ve always live within the internet. My various avatars are living parts of me within the community. While I would enjoy to be a well known member of the community; I can’t agree with those who seek to optimize and force their avatar on to others. I will use the internet to showcase, not market my work.

I think this stand comes from my nature roots. An early name of the DJ was Techno-shaman. I like the sound of that because it fits how I view digital society: one big tribe.  I am a member, who wants to contribute rather than dominate.

That is why generally I’m pro digital advances. I don’t fear the new, but will adapt and it will flow into me. I’d rather not question or mention the potential for abuse as such things exist with all tools.  Rather, I’d like to play and experiment and explore to see where the tool can take me for some that may mean hitting the lottery or others it may mean spending years in relative obscurity.

For I believe the internet like nature runs on different laws than man. We can try to define them and control them, but they will shift and make a fool of us all. I will shift with them and never wonder why or how, but know it has changed.

Let me translate that for you: Let the internet be and you will find a way. Don’t try to be the trendiest because by the time you understand the trend enough to mimic it, the internet will have shifted. Be true to yourself and relent control and the internet will take care of you. Don’t be afraid of the unknown and especially don’t deny the unknown until its known because by then you will be too late and may have missed the adventure of the life time. Believe and it will be so!


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Paradigm Shift

This Article caught my eye

So it has finally happened the move to cloud computing and the macbook air may be not that bad of an investment after all.

For those who don’t know what cloud computing is basically it is turning a network of computers into a single super computer.

And now it seems like most of Microsoft is going to be working on making this more feasible.

My only question is what happens when the harddrives we store our data on are no longer owned by us…

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New Interview Up

Last Friday, Kelly and I went to Somerville for  a second more in-depth interview with Author Ethan Gilsdorf.

Check it out

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Check this little article

I think this is pretty cool and those with big clunky fingers like myself would love to be able to use bigger surfaces for those tiny smartphones.

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Charlie is coming to your cellphone

The new cool thing apparently is to use your cell phone as a the boarding pass. I think this is pretty cool. I’m sure everyone has experienced the horror of trying to print out the board pass and something goes wrong with the printer. Plus it saves trees. 2 birds with 1 stone as the kids say.

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Twitter: A Rebel without a Cause?

My new issue of Mother Jones came in a few days ago and it has a really interesting article about two protesters, who are being persecuted for using twitter as a communication device during the G-20 protests this summer.

The pair were a communications team listening to a scanner outside the city then relaying information to the field through hashtags.

This reminded me of the debate going on now about activism in the digital age.

With Twitter, it seems there is finally an application for real life use beyond just raising awareness.

I think that’s pretty cool.

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Wreck and Salvage Interview up

Head over to the interview section to check out the latest addition with the awesome crew over at Wreck and Salvage

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