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Book Review 01: Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks

Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks is the personal memoir of Ethan Gilsdorf, a former gamer struggling to discover the role fantasy plays in his life as well as society. He wonders if, “pervasive escapism has infantilized an entire generation” (22). Many of us ask ourselves the same question. Do we watch too much T.V., see too many movies, Eat too much junk food? Despite these concerns, we remain optimistic, that our fantasy worlds help us to find a better sense of self. This is the same complex Ethan faces as he asks Why Fantasy?

Ethan begins in Oxford, England, investigating the stomping grounds of J.R.R. Tolkien, he then attends a LARP (Live Action Role Play), Medieval Role Playing Games, Gaming Convention, and finally MiddleEarth itself; New Zealand. Look forward to charming characters throughout the story; who inspire hope in fantasy we all have. (Note: My favorite part is in Gilsdorf’s description of older D&D players as a herd of Santa’s, rushing from table to table at a convention).  J.R.R. Tolkein believed society needed modern myths. Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks is a fascinating glimpse of why.


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Podcast 001: Coming Soon…

Check it Out Live Sun 02/01/09 @ 6pm on ETIN

We will be introducing our topic: Technology & Culture.

Join the conversation, check out these articles for some backround info:

The 2000’s: Everyday America, Bob Batchelor, Pop Culture Universe(Found in Emerson Library Database)

Sex, Death and Machinery, or How I fell in Love with my Prothesis, a chapter from Allocquere Rosanne Stone’s The War of Desire and Technology, (1998)

The New Luddites, a chapter from Microtrends by Mark J. Penn & E. Kinney Zalesne (p 257-261

We will also discuss the new ipad released by Apple recently.

We suggest these videos for purely entertainment value:

Apple’s newest product

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