The Story So Far: The Internet is a Run Away Train

March 5, 2010 2:00

21 Cortes St Apt. 1, Boston, MA

The Writing Game with Danny, Zach, Heather, and Courtney

My roommates Zach and Danny are screenwriters. “The writing Game” is their creation. Each played chooses a song, in our case, five players ~25 min writing sesh. The following is the product of my stream of thought reflection on my goal, and what the heck is goin’ on in my life.

I have lots of goals going on in my life at the moment. Some times it feels to hard to breath. I am going to attempt to “vocalize them” digitally on this machine right now.

I am concerned about the impact on technology in the world today. I am working on a website and I’m learning a lot about the Internet. It is not nearly so terrifying to me as it once was. The possibilities are endless, but just like all other things in this world; it takes hard work.

Ellis, my partner and I started with a Directed Study proposal. We approached our philosophy Professor Tracey Stark and pitched a documentary about privacy in the Communication, in which we would research the impact of virtual technology on society. We realized the topics we wanted to pursuer were essentially “digital” and this was our true interest.

You see Ellis and I had both taken a philosophy class with Dr. Stark called Minds, Media and Technological Change. The class took the technology to a multi faced terrifying journey into the virtual world, evoking tremendous emotion and passion on all accounts. We realized….There is something to this technology stuff.

Wait, I should rephrase. I realized technology was perhaps the most profound influence on society and it scared the living shit out of me. And Ellis, we’ll he was always fighting for virtual reality. Ellis knew ands still knows far more than I about the Internet’s Real Society, way before we started this project.

He taught me the Internet is good. We have achieved more than we thought we would so far, and we are learning so much about the vast secrets of virtual reality. These secrets we only know because we submerged ourselves.

I am now trying to embrace my virtual identity. I am Kelly, tech4talking. 4tech4talking,  tech4talking, 4tehc4talking….wow…try to type that 6 times fast. Get it right Tweet it…I am Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly I am Kelly. And I have some thoughts on tech. So me and my friend Ellis started this website…

Yep, so as serious as I once was. Well rewind, when I was a Political Communication student, or a Propagandist as I like to think of it. I couldn’t keep going on with simply convincing people of things we know are wrong. I understand the work of political campaigns is very important in our society, but I think there are some serious changes that need to take place. Changes to THE SYSTEM ITSELF. Political Campaign Communication is in need of creativity, and the power of the Internet should really be fully realized in its terms.

There lies the intrigue of the Internet. I once thought it didn’t matter very much. I learned to type slow, and tediously. I wrote my papers as long as my teachers let me. I am still a poor typist by most people my age’s standards. Of course my typing skills are better than those of my parents generation. That’s just statistics I guess.

Anyways, The Internet didn’t seem like a big deal, I was the last one on the train everytime: email, Facebook, Myspace, Aim, and now Twitter. But the Blog is a unique form. Product content produce content produce content, the audience will come. Seems a little like basic Capitalism, supply and demand….we supply….theres always demand….its the internet….a divine entity. We are swimming in its waters….we are learning its secrets….We hope to break through somehow. And Talk about Tech….Talk about Wisdom…Talk about the life we really life, in front of screens, plugged in…power sources controlling our lives….in Silence….so quiet and in line.


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