Bank of America Impersonator?

The downside of virtual identity.
Just a moment ago I attempted to pay some bills online. As I logged out of the site, I received a terrifying notification from Firefox. This site is not trusted, and may be an “impersonator” of Bank of America. Are you kidding? Not okay. The alert may simply be a security measure, to remind me to double check. Still though, I think now would be a great time to get my FREE ID SCORE courtesy of
Identity theft is happening everyday. We should all take it upon our selves to check our score and make sure we are not victims of identity theft. Scary I know, but I’m gonna give it a shot. Stay tuned for my results!

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One response to “Bank of America Impersonator?

  1. Check out pre-paid legal services. Best legal team for about 20$ a month. Uses the government identity check to safe guard your identity so when identity theft happens they already have a log of “you” to differentiate between that and the “other you”. It’s excellent pre-guarded security

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