ETIN Phone System: FAIL

Stupid Stupid Phones. Oh I’m sorry ETIN, I meant, Bob Batchelor’s phone service, author of an article we discussed this evening. (Our apologies to Mr. Batchelor, we hope he will join us in conversation at a later date). Tonight we did indeed experience some tech difficulties.  We were immersed in a tech device we did not understand.

Other things I don’t understand:

Why can’t anyone work anyone elses phone? Try and make a call on someone else’s phone. Inner monologue: (grrr…how does this button work….wheres that send….why arent there numbers? Is this a keyboard…? Damnit I cant work this thing!)

Why cant all cellphones have the same charger? (… I hear their coming out with something like that soon).

Why is it so easy to buy a domain but so hard to link it to the site you made?

Why cant I just have a landline?
Okay fine ETIN its not your fault. I blame….us for not understanding technology better. We felt pretty stupid. Especially me, because I’m always forgetting to push “on”.


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  1. Did I already tell you that I love every topics on your site ?

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