Webcams are not our friends?

For those who do not know, in theory a webcam is always receiving data from the outside world.

Normally this isn’t an issue until now

A school district was spying on kids at their home. This is insane, my computer is stored in my bedroom where like many others, I change and have private discussions. For anyone to say they have the right to look at my actions off their property is ridiculous.

I am told to keep a private life, but then when I try to have one, THEY invade it.

Today’s issue isn’t young teens putting up lewd photos because quite frankly those activities are simply a part of growing up and society might benefit from being more open with our desires. I like to picture what the Puritans would think of 50’s America. Progress is like life rarely clean. But this isn’t a rant on society’s openness of activities.

It is the fact that organizations are the greatest source of Trojans in our modern lives. 5 years ago, the “lone hacker” was the scariest being on the internet. Now, we are given free resources or forced to accept free resources in the case of school provided laptops, but must accept a constant Big Brother.

I control what I let on the internet, I’m pretty liberal with what information I let out, but I accept that as the price to pay. however, I fear a future where the companies subsidizes the cost for new technologies, but monitor my activities for “data research. Just like I oppose Comcast’s idea for a camera in the cable box to better give me advertising. I think the target audience for a job works well enough.

But how can we rebel when our tools have been loaned to us by the Tyrant?


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  1. Awesome Ellis,

    Now can please we have no more impromtu webcam sesh’s cause I’m really not down with cameras. Keep v-logging away, I think Ill stick with print so much as I can.


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