Geek Media

Watched the Guild tonight…

And it sums up my opinion of Geek entertainment. Mediocre. That is besides Pure Pwnage, which invented more or less the genre of successful gaming in other media.

My issues with the genre stem from the reliance on gamers being entertainment from name dropping. I get the jargon and the fact most other people probably have no clue what the hell is being said. Yet, the stakes are rarely high enough for me to care abut the characters. Not to mention poor acting and overuse of stereotypes in leading roles. Yes, we all think gamers are anti-social, I get it, but rarely do we get the reason why. Some people can only express themselves over the internet. I feel the genre has a lot of potential and a market shown by 10 million player in WoW alone. But producers need to respect us as intellectual viewers, who enjoy a good story as much as being recognized as human beings…

That being said Felicia Day is quite talented and I think the guild has alot of potential especially in the finale of season 2 (yes season 3 is out on dvd but isn’t instawatch on netflixs). Why is it so hard for a sitcom about gamers to be more than just gamers talking in 1337 speak?


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