Just saw this up on Digg

So we all know that apple is slowing working on selling you the ability to breathe and this discussion of “sleep tech”. I find ridiculous.

I will admit I do have my music on all night and used to wear headphones back in highschool/ freshmen year (to keep the noise level down). Not going to lie, probably is half the reason my hearing went to shit. secondly the article is right, you can choke yourself a little and that would be awkward to explain.

My support of music began as I had trouble clearing my mind and would spent 3 or 4 hours panicking on a nightly basis. Music gave me something to focus on and enter the “zone”. Also its nice to wake up and just relax enjoying the soothing sounds of Fleet Foxes…

The article fails to mention using a plain old computer as the best method. The screen turns off and can be conveniently set to sleep and wake up at various times.


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