Are you a New Luddite?


*Results of the survey to be discussed live on our show! Stay tuned!

Do you take a conscious stance against new technologies?
• Do you fear invasion of privacy on the Internet?
• Are you a pessimistic cynical loner?
• Do you reject new technology because you want to have control?
• Are you more stressed because of the Internet?
• Do you often find yourself resenting instant communication for creating more communication?
• Do you think the Internet is nothing more than a marketing tool?
• Have you ever “quit” the Internet?
• Do you identify with the following statement:
• “These are America’s Great Unrushed, and they are looking for low tech ways to spend their time and money” (260).
• Are you asking yourself WTF is a New Luddite?

If you answered yes to four or more of the above statements, you may be a New Luddite, according to Mark J. Penn & E. Kinney Zalesne in their book: Microtrends: The Small Forces Behind Tomorrows Big Changes. In their description of these “tech-no”s, Penn & Zalesne cite 70 million persons belonging to this group, of which 13% experienced the internet and quit. These persons are young urban and employed (Pew Research Poll 2007*).

If you haven’t done so already, please take the poll! Stay tuned for results and our discussion of “The New Luddites” along with the first Luddite movement. (Hint: Guys smashing up factories at the cusp of the Industrial Revolution). Call in with your thoughts to Tech4Talk on ETIN Live: ____.

* Microtrends has tons of great topics, from Internet married, to soccer moms, and WoW players. Check out more Microtrends at the website: Be sure to email us if you want to discuss any of the topics you find intriguing.

More Info:

Le Monde: (1997) Americas New Luddites


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